STAMP & PAINT Shrink Plastic in Jewelry PJ106

    Pendant 2 Dai Shrink JewelryPJ106a, Shrink JewelryPJ106b by Chieko Yuguch January 2015

    STAMP & PAINT Shrink Jewelry PJ106 Shrink Plastic in Jewelry by Chieko Yuguchi

    Use clear stamp:

     Left J106a
       lace parts flower4 STL28 lace parts flower4   lace parts flower5 STL29 lace parts flower5  lace parts flower3STL27 lace parts flower3
     right J106b
       STA08 Butterfly S(Set) STA08 Butterfly S(Set)   lace parts flower1 STL23 lace parts flower1 lace parts flower3STL27 lace parts flower3

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