My works were selected by SDP 1997 DACA(Decorative Art Collection Awards)Entries (in Minneapolis)

They are my original dsigns.

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My work "Bloom" was selected by SDP 1996 DACA(Decorative Art Collection Awards)Entries (in Nashvill)


Welcome Hanger Rack

A pair of Stonechat are holding ribbon and ribbon makes "welcome".
Japanese name is "Nobitaki".
Flowers of Trichosanthes Cucumeroides bloom in early summer evening.
Japanese name is "Karasu-uri".
They bear red fruitsin autumn.
This is entrusted to SDP for taking a photograph.
You can see these wopks
in "Decorative Painter 1998 issue 5".


Hearty Welcome

My Japanese doll wears "Kimono"has a "Temari" in flowers.
"temari" is Japanese ball made of silk yarn.
This work welcomes guests to my house.


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Chieko Yuguchi Renewal Date (October 5 1997)