Introduce "Summer Flowers"

Painting 19 colors of DecoArt Americana vol.8

Many color pages and many process guides
They are written by Japanese and English.
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Summer Flowers

This morning glories are painted for a front cover
I use some picture for design.

A4size, 36pages (18 color pages) Acrylic
Date of issue May 11,2000
\1800 (us$15)

Japanese Morning Glories

Grazing with water and mop.
Magazine rack


Oval Box:Calla Lilies serving Tray

I sused these color for basecoat in the first time.

Long tray

Calla Lilies Dust Box

This box is made for plastic bag keeper in Japan
I use Toricon masking film.
I cut plywood for a lid.
Low tack-for ordinal purposes polyetherene film 0.08m/m


Delicately Dangling

They are DACA entry in 1997.
A pair of Stonechat are holding ribbon and ribbon makes "welcome".
Japanese name is "Nobitaki".
Flowers of Trichosanthes Cucumeroides bloom in early summer evening.
Japanese name is "Karasu-uri".
They bear red fruitsin autumn.
This is entrusted to SDP for taking a photograph.
You can see these wopks
in "Decorative Painter 1998 issue 5".


Oriental Lilies Oval Box

This is a lid.
I don't draw some flowers in the side of oval box.

Series of "Painting 19 colors of DecoArt Americana"

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