Introduce "Lovely Roses vol.2"

Painting 19 colors of DecoArt Americana  vol.7

Many color pages and many process guides
They are written by Japanese and English.
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Lovely Roses vol.2 

This roses are named Marchen Konigin
I use some picture for design.

A4size, 36pages (18 color pages) Acrylic
Date of issue May 13,1998
\1800 (us$15)
Printing now!!

Table Center: Victorian Roses

Center: Mable with soot of candle
Edge area: Making some uncontinued pattern with Kleister medium
Bourd (17x12)


Oval Box: My Roses

We can paint our faborite colors.
Painted roses wil get new names and you will get your roses.

How wonderful!
Oval box (14.7x9.2)

Canvas Matt: Daniel Gelin and Soleil

Canvas matt (17x13)
Fabric painting is easy and useful.


Rosde Canary Bird

Old roses and a purple butterfly
Double-loading painting on side
Jewel box (5.5x9.5x3.6)

Series of "Painting 19 colors of DecoArt Americana"

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